Living Word Lutheran Church

Alexandria, Minnesota

In order to provide for a new and growing congregation, the Living Word Lutheran Church in Alexandria, MN is constructing a new facility. JLG was directed to work towards a design that ‘exhibits a simple or modest geometry…characterized as traditional or of “country church” style.

In order to meld the requirements of a modern church program with the image of a country church, the facility was designed to have a gable form housing each of the primary functions of the church program, the sanctuary, the fellowship hall, and the administrative offices. These three elements were then tied together with a simple, flat roof form containing the narthex. These forms clearly communicate the building function to all traffic passing by the site on busy McKay Avenue.

The facility includes a sanctuary to seat 375 and a fellowship hall to seat 300, with each of these spaces having access to overflow seating to be located in the Narthex. Additionally, given the natural contour of the site, a lower level was added to provide space for Christian education, youth activities, and meeting rooms.

alexandria church lutheran minnesota

The simplicity of the country church is very pure and well executed; it's straightforward and honest.