Homestead Rest Area & Visitor Center

Junction City, South Dakota

Driven by a desire to actively engage with visitors to the State of South Dakota, the proposed new Homestead Visitor Center and Rest Area welcomes weary Interstate 29 travelers entering the State near its border with Iowa. The organization of the 6,000 SF project makes it easy for Travel Councilors to greet visitors, help tourists find events and activities in the area, and educate travelers on the history, highlights and destinations across South Dakota. The year-round all-day welcome lobby and restrooms comprise half the facility, while seasonal daytime areas such as the 2500 SF exhibit area and tourism support spaces make up the remaining half. Taking the “homestead” name to heart, the architecture creates a contemporary farmstead inspired by the pioneering homesteader’s traditional collection of agrarian buildings, familiar farm shapes and local materials.

exhibit Rest area south dakota visitor center

"We’re beyond thrilled to be working on this project with you and the whole JLG team, you all have been beyond amazing to work with. Thank you for your brilliant creative approach and your willingness to be flexible, both with us and with our new exhibits vendor.”
Wanda Goodman, Department of Tourism