Grant County Office Building

Elbow Lake, Minnesota

The Grant County Public Services Office building will provide 20,000 new square of office space, consolidating a number of public services currently housed throughout the city of Elbow Lake. It will serve as the new home for Public Health, Social Services, Human Resources, and Veterans Affairs. The Building will be a beacon located on the current main street in downtown Elbow Lake, and will pay homage to the historic courthouse to the north by emulating its exterior durable materials and providing custom colored wall panels to match the old stone of the courthouse. On the interior, every office space is highlighted with ample views and daylighting from the exterior. A large meeting room that can seat up to 100 people will be used by county staff and members of the community, and will don the latest in presentation technology and amenities.

"It is exciting to see this building come to be through a county and city partnership, which has kept the needs of the residents of our county foremost in the decision making process"
Deb Hengel, Mayor of Elbow Lake