Grand Forks Transit Center

Grand Forks, North Dakota

The Metro Transit Center was created to provide a safe and sheltered place for the public to purchase bus tickets, wait for transportation, and transfer between routes. The site chosen by the City was a wedge-shaped corner property next to a 400-stall parking garage/100,000 s.f., corporate office building in the heart of the downtown.

Seeking to reinforce and fill-out the wedge-shaped site, the building was placed at the south edge of the property line allowing its elevation to follow that line with an angled facade. The south elevation is fully glazed to allow views of the park across the street, to admit light, to visually increase the perceived size of the waiting area, and to allow for views into the facility — ensuring that the building is safe at all hours of the day and night.

downtown Grand Forks metro transit

The Transit Center was honored with a 2002 AIA North Dakota Design Award.