Grand Forks Regional Water Treatment Plant

Grand Forks, North Dakota

The new Grand Forks Regional Water Treatment Plant (GFRWTP) will replace the aging and undersized existing Water Treatment Plant that sits beside the muddy Red River in downtown Grand Forks, ND. Inspired by the changeable character of water and the process of transforming raw river water into drinkable water, the new GFRWTP incorporates design themes that reflect that process and utilize materials, like continuously-rusting CorTen steel, that are changed by water.

As a 24/7/365 facility it was important to invite daylight into the plant and treatment process wherever possible, as well as to provide an energizing work environment for the operators.

The 250,000 SF, 20 million gallon per day hybrid water treatment process will combine parallel conventional technology along with state-of-the-art membrane treatment equipment housed on 3 levels. Throughout the 660’ length of this new facility, a series of 30 foot deep, nearly one million gallon tanks utilize filtration and chemical treatments to convert the water into potable water.

Sitting on the edge of what was once limitless prairie the new GFRWTP landscape will incorporate prairie grasses and periodic blooming waves of prairie flowers that will mark the passing seasons. Water will be incorporated into the landscape as a water-plant-edged retention basin that transforms into a pool surrounding the testing labs and reflecting the cantilevered office wing.

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