Gordon Olson Library

Minot State University

An aesthetically-pleasing space, the Minot State University Library is a state-of-the-art facility that was accomplished at a cost of $58/sf at a time when the average cost of a library building was $78/sf. Its design anticipated and accommodates the heavy computer use that is now common in a library facility, through incorporating flexible underfloor raceways, cable trays, and glare-free fixtures.

The building establishes a new quadrangle at the western edge of the campus, where the existing buildings do not provide a unified context. The interior plan is arranged around a major central space to provide easy orientation in a large building and a central location for information services. This project was designed by Joel Davy prior to joining JLG Architects. The Gordon Olson Library takes advantage of natural daylighting.

library minot university

"In addition to serving 21st century library technology needs, it attracts students and provides a community gathering place, charms visitors, and impresses visiting dignitaries."
Larry Greenwood, Former Director