First National Bank of St. Cloud

St. Cloud, Minnesota

The First National Bank building in St. Cloud, once a hub for development in central Minnesota, has been restored to its original condition and grandeur and is serving that economic role again, says one of its owners. That vision was realized, as the First National Bank of St. Cloud building is now home to the Greater St. Cloud Economic Development Corporation, the Initiative Foundation, the St. Cloud Downtown Council, Kensington Bank and a co-working space for a number of small businesses.

The bank opened in 1889 and closed in the 1920s. The building had undergone previous renovations but had fallen into disrepair. Getting it to its former glory took historical research, searching newspaper archives and attics, restoring original marble and wood plank floors, taking out non-historic material, bringing in 25 tradesmen and upgrading lighting, heating and accessibility features.

bank restoration st. cloud

"It was the goal and vision of the development group to restore the building to that position in the community."
Shannon Wiger of Spring Hill Capital LLC