FedEx Northlands District

Grand Forks, North Dakota

JLG Architects began work for Federal Express in 1991 with the Grand Forks Air Cargo Terminal, and the nationwide air cargo corporation has since retained JLG for its air-to-ground facilities in its Northlands District, which includes the states of Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota and Wisconsin.

The cargo facility serves as the terminal for the entire state of North Dakota and Northwest Minnesota. The building is designed for the efficient unloading and sorting of air cargo which is loaded onto smaller planes, ground trucking and local vans. In the evening the process is reversed. The facility has space for the de-icer truck, various tugs, portable equipment, sorting line, and administrative offices. The project included extension of the aircraft apron area, site utilities, roads, parking areas, security fencing, and landscaping.

"The Grand Forks facility has become the model for all FedEX ground-sort stations in the United States."
Leon Boeckel, Federal Express