Dunn County Courthouse Expansion

Manning, North Dakota

As Dunn County continued to see oil industry-related growth their existing 1980’s Courthouse no longer met their needs.  Enhancing flexibility to accommodate change and future growth, consolidation of scattered public service facilities and increasing security for the Court system drove an expansion at each end of their current facility, as well as a remodel of many of the existing spaces.

Departmental service windows were arranged along a public service concourse to assure easy interaction between County staff and citizens. Many departments were consolidated into a single flexible office environment to encourage staff collaboration and efficiency while easily accommodating change. Departments requiring security, like social services, were given their own entrance, consolidated around a secure corridor, and provided with behind-the-scenes circulation. The simple building image reflects the industrial and agrarian materiality of this Badlands County and the friendly approachable message the County desired to send to its citizens.

courthouse dunn county expansion

Consolidation and reconfiguration were implemented to meet future needs and enhance security.