JLG Architects: the importance of culture

Building a company culture

What culture initiatives does JLG implement that set it apart as a great workplace?

We value relationships. Internal cohesion is priority. We hire those rich in character who align within our firm.

We seek authentic, driven, uplifting, passionate, trustworthy, respectful lifelong learners, as well as problem-solving individuals who value relationships, community, design, stewardship and integrity.

We lead from the heart. We continually step back and check in with one another and make decisions that value both individual and business needs. We are committed and passionate.

Ultimately, our employees don’t just design buildings, they are our clients’ trusted advisors. Their relationships are built by understanding the client and community to create solutions that elevate quality of life and individual experience while being stewards of the clients’, communities’ and earth’s resources.

How does JLG make sure that its employees feel included and engaged?

Employees are empowered to identify business needs that align with their skills, abilities and passions in order to chart their own career path. We offer an environment for career paths to be a continual evolution.

Ultimately, we want employees coming to work passionate about what they do and leveraging their talents. We educate employees on business operations and request their input. Their feedback contributes to the advancement of our firm.

We understand the importance of a collaborative process to elevate decisions that drive quality results. As a 100 percent employee-owned firm, the end result provides financial value to every employee.

How can a company build a culture that suits employees of all ages and backgrounds?

This is based on the principle that everyone’s voice matters. Our unique perspectives and experiences have a cumulative impact on the firm’s advancement, from the executive team down to our student interns.

Everyone is given information on how business decisions connect to the greater vision. They are able to challenge the process and get transparent and honest feedback regarding the directions taken.

Why is it important for a company to establish a stated set of cultural values?

Our values serve as a beacon to ensure that our shipmates are working together, all rowing in the same direction, to reach our targeted destination. If everyone is not on board or not headed in the same direction, it affects our overall achievement and creates internal conflicts that can distract and disengage individuals.

How can a company rebuild a positive workplace culture at times when morale is low?

An emphasis on communication builds positive culture. More specifically, listening and demonstrating that individuals are heard through changes, big or small, lets employees know that they are valued.

We have a very transparent environment where open, honest and respectful feedback not only is welcomed but is sought out. Feedback is not only critical to continued advancement and growth, it is key to valuing employees.

Employees need to know that a company not only has the business needs in mind, but also takes the employees’ top interests to heart.