Editor’s Note: A great place to be

Architecture and manufacturing are some of the industries that make the region a great place to live and work.

When someone thinks of North Dakota, many different images may come to mind: wind whipping among tall prairie grass, bison roaming the badlands, extreme winters and the deep freeze.

But as the person gets to know the state better, other images come to mind: friendly people, clean cities and communities, and an ambitious and innovative business climate.

The same could be said of Minnesota and South Dakota, too.

Some of the industries that stand out are the architecture, engineering and construction fields; and manufacturing.

All of these industries, like many others, were impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. But each of them found ways to adapt and remain relevant. In fact, for some, the challenges caused by the pandemic prompted them to look outside the box and tap new potentials.

“It unleashed the power of private businesses,” said Matt Gardner, director of government affairs with the Greater North Dakota Chamber.

He addressed the manufacturing topic, saying the industry is one of the top players that impacts the economy — pandemic or no pandemic.

What’s on the horizon? Lots of good things, Gardner said.

The same can be said of the architecture and engineering fields. To put a face on it, all someone has to do is find out what’s happening with sustainability.

Take the Argyle, for example, “a cutting-edge work of the modern, sustainable architecture movement, with all the bells and whistles that entails,” according to reporting by Sam Easter.

The Argyle, designed by JLG Architects, is a five-story building that not only explores but exemplifies “a greener, more sustainable kind of architecture.”

Readers can find out more in this month’s cover story. Manufacturing also is highlighted in a story in this month’s issue.

The stories help form new images of North Dakota and the region for those who may be new here or for those who still are exploring the region where they may have lived for a long time.

There’s no doubt about it, it’s a great place to be.