Dakota State University Athletics is rising

DSU Master Plan

Dakota State University Athletics is rising to new heights of performance, engagement, and fandom with an events center, training facility, and outdoor sports complex.

It’s a new era at DSU, and when one of us rises, we all rise! We are taking our Trojans to a new level! …of performance! …of engagement! …of fandom!
Get ready to experience Dakota State University Athletics in a whole new way!

You are now entering Trojan territory…An events center…indoor training facility…outdoor sports complex…and shared two-level building concourse

Become one consolidated complex housing existing DSU Athletic programs, potential future sports such as soccer and E-sports, in addition to unique research and academic programs. The design’s angular form, modern materials and interactive spaces reflect the innovative, technology-driven environment at Dakota State University. Students, fans and alumni…are closer to the action with the rotation of the football field and outdoor track. An outdoor plaza gathers faculty, students, alumni, and the community for special events, tailgating, concerts and graduation. Light wells, connecting walkways and glass partitions visually and physically connect social spaces.

The Hall of Fame celebrates our Trojan history. At night, the angled walls become projection surfaces. Performance labs, training spaces, player spaces, and concessions are shared between sports and classrooms….and meeting spaces become club seating A biomechanics lab utilizes technology for injury prevention and sport performance. An Institute for Aging, improves the quality of life for aging populations. The e-sports center brings together DSU’s community, combining technology and sport, to compete in games of skill with Universities across the country. The overall complex can host local, state and regional athletic competitions from youth to collegiate levels, bringing business activity to the Madison community. Gathering spaces on the exterior and interior, the concourse, exterior patios, tailgating areas, the Hall of Fame, and an outdoor amphitheater – connect generations of Trojans.

We are ready. We are rising. Be a part of the next era of Trojan history.