Around the Office: For KLJ, HQ is A-OK

The most striking corporate headquarters in Bismarck

“Operating in separate locations challenged our ability to be efficient,” Kulish said.

A summary of the project on describes what happened next. “When asked how the building should represent them, the client offered words like ‘conservative, stable, substantial and trustworthy,’” the website reports.

“And so, the architects proposed a solution that would offer beauty and permanence through the use of utility materials representative of KLJ’s civil engineering core – concrete, glass and steel – in a simple and elegant way.”

The building, which opened in 2013, features “an accessible green roof, permeable pavement, low flow fixtures, energy efficient appliances and lighting, and flooring, insulation, gypsum and cabinetry with recycled content,” according to

With 28 offices across seven states, KLJ has come a long way from the basement of the Stark County Courthouse in Dickinson, N.D., which is where the company was launched in 1938.