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UND SMHS Space Utilization Study
University of North Dakota

The 2011 North Dakota legislative assembly authorized the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences (UND SMHS) to increase student enrollment. This change will result in additional medical and public health practitioners, therapists, and other health professionals to serve North Dakota’s changing healthcare needs. As a partial implementation of SMHS’s Healthcare Workforce Initiative (HWI), this effort will begin to address workforce shortages in North Dakota. Full implementation of the HWI proposes an additional enrollment increase at UND’s School of Medicine and Health Sciences in 2014. As a precondition for complete HWI implementation, the legislative assembly requested that the SMHS complete a facility space utilization study in order to determine:

1. The suitability of the existing space, and
2. The amount of new space required to meet the class expansion.

JLG (partnered with Perkins+Will) completed this study for the UND SMHS. JLG accessed existing conditions and program requirements, developed options that resolved their demands for increased usable area and provided cost data for each option.


High Performance

The UND SMHS would like to consolidate space, renovate and remodel outdated mechanical and window systems to create a buildings that is more energy efficient and able to respond to the thermal comfort needs of the occupants.