"There's a lot of versatility to it. You've got half the field dedicated to football with football lines and then you got the other dedicated to all sports. The fact that you have got a field and weight room all together in one spot, as far as getting workouts done and training these guys across all sports, especially football, it's impressive to have," Vikings scout Mike Band

Sanford Fieldhouse
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

As Sanford Health’s flagship Power Center, the Sanford Fieldhouse at the Sanford Sports Complex in Sioux Falls, SD is the heart of the healthcare giant’s wellness and power programs, whose goal is to make sports and fitness an integral part of staying healthy. With 85,000 sf of indoor sports fields, tracks, batting cages, training areas, and on-site physical and occupational therapy suites, care was taken by Sanford and JLG to equip the facility with high performance design tools to match the athletes within. Energy efficient mechanical and electrical systems are expected to reduce costs and provide a higher quality indoor air, while translucent panels flood the space with natural light to limit the need for artificial illumination while cutting direct light, which can lead to increased cooling needs. Additionally, the facility was laid out efficiently to reduce unnecessary space and long-term development impacts to the site. The nearby Pentagon, also designed by JLG, will be built with the same sustainable methods as the Fieldhouse, and will serve the region’s youth sports teams, adult recreational sports enthusiasts and professional athletes alike. JLG is part of a Design/Build team with Fiegen Construction on this project.


High Performance

The building has been laid out in an efficient manner to reduce unnecessary circulation space and development impacts to the site. Materials are designed to be durable and low-emitting.