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Mayville State Science-LibraryMayville State University

Mayville State Science-Library

Mayville State University

Founded in 1889 as one of North Dakota’s original colleges, Mayville State University boasts a 98.7% job/graduate studies placement after students pass through its storied halls. However, while the educational programs exceed the expectations of the school’s future graduates, years of deferred maintenance have left several of the buildings in disrepair, and so Mayville State is experiencing a major campus facility transformation designed to recruit students, reduce energy costs, and provide an academic environment worthy of its long history of success.

JLG’s addition to the Science-Library Building at Mayville State provides a new home for the venerable Division of Education and Psychology and its “Big Room,” a beloved space that is the heart of the hands-on approach to training future teachers at the school. A new crossroads circulation system makes it easier for students and faculty to travel to other buildings in the winter, and corridors are designed to promote student interaction and allow for the display of university history and departmental achievements. The Education Department Student Lounge is located at the crossing of these paths under a large skylight, and is the bridge to the campus library building. The existing building was extensively remodeled with improved building envelope and completely new environmental systems to replace the aging original 1957 equipment. External sunshades reduce cooling costs while allowing in the maximum amount of daylight and, when lights are needed, efficient light fixtures on motion sensors save on energy expenses.

The mechanical system was designed to operate 24% more efficiently than the building code required, and over 95% of the existing building fabric was reused to lower construction costs and keep the project on schedule. By cladding the addition in materials inspired by the 50’s original and with the use of sunshades to create a horizontality to reflect the feel of the original, the addition never overwhelms and always pays respect to its past.

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"The new building is well received by all who see it."
Dr. Gary Hagen, President