Kensington Runestone Visitor Center

Kensington, Minnesota

Kensington Runestone County Park is a popular destination for visitors coming to see the Runestone discovery site and the Ohman homestead farm. Recent land acquisitions by Douglas County have nearly doubled the size of the park. JLG and SRF prepared a master plan update that incorporates the new property, identifies the location for a new visitor center and enhances recreation opportunities to serve a wider diversity of park user groups. The master plan update included a schematic design effort that provided a more comprehensive vision for the park so that Douglas County can efficiently implement future development in phases as funding is received.

The master plan includes expanding the network of summer and winter trails for horseback riding, cross-country skiing, hiking, mountain biking and a visitor center that will serve as a trailhead building. The new building will be located in a central location to provide year-round access to restrooms and rental space for large group gatherings such as family reunions and weddings. JLG and SRF added to the master plan options for kayak and canoe access points on the larger lakes in the park to provide water recreation and fishing opportunities.

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A heavy-timber public gathering space with a 24-hour lobby designed to reflect the surrounding park.