Applying for Senior Interior Designer position


You are more than an interior designer; you are the artist of environments, the builder of moods, and the champion of comfort. You dream in fabric swatches and color palettes, you know the secret knock to get the best furniture, and you won’t rest until you install a sensory wall in a healthcare clinic.

You want to lead, and reap the profits of your efforts, and work with some of the most creative, fun and progressive people in our industry, and eat chocolate-covered potato chips. Guess what? We have the job for you.

JLG Architects is seeking a, Senior Interior Designer. Not just any Senior Interior Designer, mind you. A JLG Senior Interior Designer:

- Is the champion of interiors. A JLG Senior Interior Designer advances design discourse and contributes to the elevation of JLG’s design brand.
- Is a leader in workplace solutions. Our Senior Interior Designer will set the stage for all current and future trends in office and public environments.
- Is the one-stop-shop for in-house quality control. Our Senior Interior Designer will oversee, lead, mentor, and advise our design teams, and set the tone for all details and other standards.

A few more attributes of a future JLG-er:

- You need to be experienced. You must hold a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited interior design (CIDA) or architecture (NAAB program), and have a minimum of eight years post-graduate experience.
- You are certified. You hold a professional certification or registration in interior design, NCIDQ preferred.
- You know what it means to be a leader. Your “can-do” outlook and willingness to do what it takes garners the respect and confidence of your peers and project team. You stick to your budgets and schedules, period. You communicate. “Organized” is your middle name.

Job Description

• Bachelor’s degree from an accredited interior design (CIDA) or architecture (NAAB) program
• Minimum of eight years post-graduate experience
• Professional certification or registration in interior design, NCIDQ preferred
• Strong design skills, with the ability to advance firm discourse, contribute in a meaningful way to the JLG design peer group and elevate the JLG brand
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to interview and effectively present information
• Significant experience in space planning, material selection and specification and the technical execution of projects from pre-design through construction phase services
• Familiarity with industry-standard tools and software such as Revit, Photoshop, MSOffice, etc.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBLITIES: including the following (other duties may be assigned)

• With the JLG Director of Design and design peer group, advance design discourse and contribute to the ongoing elevation of JLG’s design brand
• Provide expertise in the area of workplace solutions and assure that JLG is a leader in this regard
• Assist Practice Leaders in identifying and establishing interiors standards specific to their project types

Technical production
• Pre-design through construction phase services on select projects
• Quality assurance interior reviews across a broad range of JLG projects in terms of both design excellence and technical execution
• Advise specifications writer on technical criteria and performance requirements
• With Project Manager and project design leader, understand and execute according to project parameters including but not limited to budget

Team leadership, mentorship and development
• Effectively lead interiors teams on projects
• Serve as an interiors resource to project teams
• Work alongside and mentor interior design and interiors-focused architectural staff both empirically on projects and broadly in their professional development
• Continue to advance your own personal and professional development in alignment with JLG objectives

Management-related responsibilities
• Oversee JLG interiors product library and with Director of Design, establish firm-wide standards across JLG offices
• With Director of Design and Director of Production, advise on establishment of interiors detail libraries
• With Director of Operations, establish FFE service delivery model and execute service contracts
• With Director of Design and Director of Operations, assure effective integration and oversight of interiors teams within project team model
• Serve as a firm-wide resource for interior design


• Attitude:         
    o “Can-do” outlook
    o Willingness to do what it takes
    o Sense of ownership and responsibility
• Skill sets:
    o Organizational skills
    o Communication skills
    o Proven design creativity and/or technical capacity
• Management abilities:
    o Coordinate reconciliation of design with budget
    o Communication – project team, PIC, consultants, client and other stakeholders
• Leadership
    o Respect and confidence of peers and project team 
    o Client sponsorship: obtain repeat business from existing clients 

Job Summary
Reports to: Director of Design

Responsible for advancing the JLG design brand through leadership and excellence in interior design and the technical execution, including team leadership, of interiors packages from pre-design through construction phase services.

Personal Information
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