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You are the future of our firm and we want you to be a part of JLGDNA!    We aspire to unite our new graduates together for development and affiliation to elevate your overall career advancement and earn licensure quickly. 

DNA is a peer-organized group at JLG Architects, committed to Developing New Architects (DNA), whose objective is to support recent graduates toward obtaining licensure as an architect.  JLGDNA has four areas of emphasis: preparation, outreach, social affiliation, and work experience/design.

Opportunity at JLG emerges when an individual’s skills, interests, passions and goals are well-communicated, pursued with dedication, and strongly align with firm needs.

Curious to find out more? Email any questions about opportunity and our JLGDNA program to  

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DUTIES AND RESPONSIBLITIES: include the following (other duties may be assigned) 




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Reports to: Project Manager/Job Captain

Responsible for assisting the Project Manager/Job Captain with project delivery by performing routine tasks and assignments, with emphasis on developing the Revit model to align with design intent.

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