Applying for Construction Services Specialist position


 JLG Architects is seeking a Construction Services Specialist. Not just any Construction Services Specialist, mind you. A JLG Construction Services Specialist:

- Gets it built. You will be the JLG guide and the client liaison from pre-bid to close-out using JLG standard policy, procedures and tools. You will support the design team in producing documents which are the pride of the upper Midwest.
- Communicates, communicates, communicates. You work with everyone. Everyone. You need to protect and promote the JLG brand while gaining confidence of stakeholders and team members while also keeping the contractors happy.

A few more attributes of a future JLG-er:

- You need construction experience. You need at least 10 years of experience in the architecture and/or construction industry, including building technology proficiency.
- You are the embodiment of customer and personnel service. Since you interact with literally everyone, you have the ability to project a professional company image throughout everything you do.
- You know building codes and ADA requirements. You have prior experience ensuring the design includes these facets.
- You’ve got your mind on the money. You have a clear understanding and working knowledge of project budgets and cost estimates.
- You are ready to apply. Visit and suit up for the first day of the rest of your life.

Job Description


10 years of experience preferred, including:
• Construction experience – architectural and/or industry, including building technology proficiency
• Customer and Personnel Service – ability to project a professional company image through written communications, in-person and phone interaction with employees, clients, vendors, building departments, inspection agencies and the general public.
• Knowledge of Building Codes and ADA Requirements – prior experience with ensuring the architecture includes building code and ADA requirements.
• Cost Estimating – working knowledge of accurate cost estimating

• Administer bidding/negotiation and construction phase services using JLG standard policies, procedures, and tools
o Help to refine and advance JLG’s standard practices
o Familiarize yourself with the project and its unique goals
o Read the Owner/Architect agreement to clearly understand contracted scope of work
o Assist Project Manager in writing work plan for construction phases
o Display a competent knowledge of building materials, specifications and construction techniques.
o Follow the project checklist through project close-out
o Provide weekly status reports to project team
o Prioritize budget and schedule

• Manage project team, consultant, owner, client and contractor communications
o Protect and promote the JLG brand
o Gain confidence of stakeholders by being an articulate and consistent communicator
o Develop and maintain project communications plan, including roles and responsibilities for client, project team and consultants

• Support JLG in producing high quality documents
o Work with CA group to develop and implement “best practices”
o Assist in quality assurance reviews

• Manage the JLG Project Checklist; coordinate with project team
• Oversee technical administration of the project from bidding through project close-out
• Initiate contract documents for execution by Project Manager and/or Principal-in-Charge
• Report directly to PIC any matters that jeopardize the success of project which cannot be resolved at intermediate levels of responsibility
• Participate in 360 degree employee review process, providing accurate and meaningful feedback especially as it relates to the JLG organizational structure

• Attitude:
o “Can-do” outlook
o Willingness to do what it takes
o Sense of ownership and responsibility

• Skill sets:
o Organizational skills
o Communication skills
o Design and/or technical capacity (as required per job description)

• Management abilities:
o Financial performance/accountability
o Schedule and budget control
o Communication – project team, PIC, consultants, client and other stakeholders
o Client relations

• Leadership
o Respect and confidence of peers and project team
o Marketing /business development skills and effort
o Client sponsorship: obtain repeat business from existing clients

Job Summary
Reports to: Project Manager / Director of Construction Services

Responsible for all aspects of the construction administration project phase - especially client relations and the execution of contract documents – and provide quality assurance reviews of JLG projects during design phases.

Personal Information
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