Rec center moving closer to opening

Williston Area Recreation Center

November 20th, 2013

The Williston Area Recreation Center, by all accounts, is moving along swimmingly, according to the park board.

At the monthly park board meeting Tuesday night, Executive Director Darin Krueger announced that there were exactly four months, two weeks and two days until the rec renter opens.

So far, much of the rec center is racing toward completion. The ABC’s booklet for the rec center is nearly done — a pamphlet which will let visitors know exactly what’s going on in the building and what programs are available.

In the building’s athletic areas, the basketball hoops are up, the railings on the running track are in, the floors will be starting construction in mid-December and the tennis areas are near done. The athletic equipment is mostly installed, except for the nets to avoid getting them dirty. Tiles at both the leisure and athletic pool areas have been completed.

After “a lot of work” on the outside of the building, spokesmen from builders J.E. Dunn and JLG Architects said the exterior of the rec center is “90 percent finished.”

As the building is near completion, Krueger and the park board have had more time to focus on hiring staff members for the rec center.

At the Raymond Center, the ice skating program is up and running, with Krueger reporting there was “not even one kid crying.”

“They were laughing and having a blast,” said Krueger. “I was there for half an hour watching kids skate.”

Board member Ken Callahan has been busy working on a new map with some of his colleagues, which will make it easier to map out the city’s parks. Armed with a giant map of the city, Callahan, Krueger and others aim to put the city’s parks on the map and outline what progress they need to make.

“It puts a circle on the master plan we’re doing for all parks,” Callahan said.

“We try to have a park within a mile of everyone’s home,” Krueger said. “The map will show us a little radius for every park, where we’ve got to keep thinking about growing and adding.”

The park board is going to arrange to hang the map on the wall of the commission room at city hall so everyone will be able to see the progress with the city’s parks.

Source: Williston Herald

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