Sanford Moorhead Clinic opening

Moorhead Sanford clinic will have state-of-the-art features

February 21st, 2014

A brand new Sanford clinic is coming to Moorhead, opening its doors early next month.

But today, Sanford staff showed off its state of the art features. Some are the first of their kind for our region.

The new 49,000 sq. ft. building is three times the size of Sanford's previous Moorhead clinic and will be the first location using state of the art, Intelligent InSites technology.

Jeff Hoss, VP Sanford Clinic Fargo: "This technology in healthcare is pretty cutting edge."

Instead of sitting in a typical hospital waiting room, patients walking into this site will check in at the desk, and immediately get a tracking tag.

Then walk up to one of the 52 clinical examine rooms in one of the five different specialty departments to wait for one of the 20-plus physician.

Hoss: "If I'm a patient, as soon as I enter the room, my tag is received by this device in the ceiling."

These tags, with software and hardware designed by Intelligent InSites aim to help with efficiency and patient experience.

Hoss: 'Waiting times, location, asset tracking, event timing."

Dr. Stephen Nelson, Sanford Clinic Fargo Administration: "I think it's one of many real novel approaches to healthcare here."

Another, the clinic's team central design.

Hoss: "You can see these stations are set up for the doctors and nurses to be at"

With physicians, nurses and patients all located nearby, again cutting back on waiting time.

Nelson: "Time is valuable. Time is valuable to our staff, time is valuable to our patients. We don't want to waste anybody's time. And this may appear to some people like assembly line medicine, it's just the opposite."

If the set up and technology system prove effective, this brand new building will serve as inspiration for other Sanford locations in our region.

Nelson: "This is going to work and we're confident going forward, this is the way we're going to do medicine."

They're already planning to adopt Intelligent InSite's technology systemwide as part of a $30 million initiative.

The new building is set to open March 3. If you'd like to see it, there is a public open house this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m..

Source: WDAY TV

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