Williams County's highway department has moved into its new home

Williams County Highway Department Complex

January 27th, 2016

If you ask Williams County Highway Superintendent Dennis Nelson what his favorite part of the new county highway complex is, he’s going to tell you all of it. Without any hesitation.

But if there’s an area that perhaps lights his eyes a little more than all the others on a quick tour around — it’s the four wash bays, hands down.

“We haven’t had the ability to really wash our trucks the right way beforenow,” Nelson says.

Now they can wash four of them the right way all at once.

Not only that, but there’s a smaller neighboring bay where the Sheriff’s Department can wash its cars, too, and there are nice areas where snow plows can be repaired inside.

Williams County’s highway department has moved into its new home, located just off the Northwest Bypass at 5218 141st Ave. NW. There was a smile on faces as items were moved into their new places in a more expansive space than they’ve everhad before.

In addition to housing the county’s highway department, the complex is also now home to Williston Vector Control and the Weed Control offices. The old location at 213 11th St. W. is no longer open. All of- fices are now operating out of the new complex.

There are no closet-sized or makeshift offices in the new facility. Everything is open to natural light. There is a traffic flow beyond avoiding obstacles. It is all comfortable and well-de- signed and makes sense.

That’s just the start of all the things that are right with the new facility as far as nelson and his department are concerned. and they are excited to show off the new $22 million complex on Feb. 16 during an open house from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The county has moved its regular 8 a.m. meeting to the facility on that date for this one time only. they and the superintendent will be on hand to answer questions. lunch and refreshments are even going to be provided for the day.

The facility is largely being paid for by the oil and Gas Production tax, both revenues on hand and revenues to come, as well as some money from Frost law permits. The county has a loan of about $12.2 million for the facility from the Bank of north dakota.

Source: Williston Herald

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