For 29 years, JLG has worked hard to make life better for our families, co-workers, clients, and communities. From what was once a three-person design studio by Gary Johnson and Lonnie Laffen has grown to become the fastest growing architecture firm in America, according to Inc. Magazine. We have had the great honor to work with thousands of the most engaged and frankly, totally awesome, clients and communities in the Midwest, including 60 college campuses and some of the largest healthcare providers in the world. We recently turned the keys to the firm over to our staff and become 100% Employee-Owned. Because the best place to work - for this generation and the next - is the one you own.

Michelle Allen
Jim Galloway
Jason Haagenson
Lonnie Laffen
Doug Larson
Todd Medd
Nicole Washburn
Patri Acevedo
Lisa Almquist
Jeremy Altman
Adam Barnett
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Mitch Borgen
Andrew Budke
Dennis Bukowski
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