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If design is the heart of JLG, our communities are our lifeblood. We work hard every day to make sure what we design makes a difference to our clients, our neighbours and our region as a whole, and so it stands to reason that we should continue making a difference outside of what is expected of us. To that end, we created a three-part approach to giving back.

Architectural Responsibility

Under the 1+ program, JLG had pledged to donate 1+ of our billable time to not-for-profit organizations in need of architectural services. JLG Architects has been a member of the 1% program since 2011, and has donated nearly 3,000 hours to projects that wouldn't have been built otherwise.
Academic Responsibility

The best way to make sure you are always hiring the top talent is to help grow the top talent. From high school and university scholarships to conference sponsorships to career fairs and job shadows, JLG has made it our mission to give future architects and community leaders the best opportunities for success.

Think Outside the Desk

JLG invited college students throughout North Dakota to submit 2-3 minute videos about how they use their various academic spaces. Winners received cash prizes, as well as recognition from their respective college president and representatives.

Green & Gold Tour

JLG hosts an annual Green & Gold Tour, which brings NDSU Architecture students to Grand Forks, ND to tour Black Gold Headquarters (LEED Gold) and UND Gorecki Alumni Center (LEED Platinum) in order to educate them on how to incorporate innovate and low-cost sustainability design elements.


JLG hosts and sponsors Lego contests, children's art festivals, and classroom-based Earth Day presentations around the region to activate young minds and get them thinking about architecture.

Career Presentations

JLG has a "be honest, be detailed, be available" mentality when it comes to educating high school and college students about the career benefits in architecture, and often sends our staff out to speak to area business symposiums and college classrooms and architecture programs about our industry.